This is a song parody of "The Joke" called "The Bloke." Obviously it's a tribute to Ben Carey. I thought this concept would be PERFECT but I was having some trouble coming up with the lyrics. So my girl Skrappy decided to help me out! So I can't take all the credit with this one, because she helped a lot! Thanks, girl!

The Bloke

When you hear him in the morning
On the tour bus snoring
The Bloke is so cool 
He says that he's Austrailian
And he is one in a million
The Bloke is so cool

To make sure Lifehouse doesn't get weak
They hired a guitar dude that they found on the street, I know
That Ben don't drink no beer
He found out how to make Lifehouse proud
Don't play quiet, don't play too loud
Skrappy takes pictures of his rear

Well his life is for the making 
Of Lifehouse album rankings
But he's just The Bloke to you and me

When you find him shooting half court
Just know that Ben won't fall short
The Bloke is so cool
No he's not into eating
Meat or he'll get a beating, oh 
From good ol' Uncle Boot

Ever since his first day
Should have been a "member"
Fans thought to ourselves will he ever be one?
We hoped
We really liked his hair
He wears dog tags around his neck
He loves Italian so much
Gonna love it to death, this one time
He wore an eyepatch on his eye

In his life, no, he ain't fakin'
He loves Rick, Bryce and Jason
The "bromance" is heating up

When you find him on the stage
Playin "Broken" with some rage
The Bloke is so cool
He plays B-ball with the guys
Tries to bank it off the side
The majority rules

That Ben has to stay 
With Lifehouse all the way
I think you better shut your mouth
Don't put Ben down today, today, today.... 

When you find Ben rawkin out to  
Hanging by a moment (Oh) 
The Bloke is so cool  
I must beg your pardon 
Ben played with Savage Garden (Oh) 
The Bloke is so cool 
He'll plays jokes on the crew
The Bloke is no fool
The Bloke has tattoos 
The Bloke is so cool