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Rick's Birthday Video!

Posted by Molly on Wednesday, September 22, 2010, In : Videos 
It's finally here! Here is Rick's long awaited birthday video! I love it when the fans put together something special like this for the members of the band. It's so sweet and they really deserve it, don't you think? Great job Hannah for putting this together and Chirsty (Skrappy) for adding the music! Oh, and Sama for doing that awesome intro! Check it out and leave a comment :)

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Happy Birthday Rick!

Posted by Molly on Tuesday, September 21, 2010, In : Fan Food 
Today was Rick Woolstenhulme's 31st birthday! Happy Birthday Rick! In honor of his birthday, Cindy made these awesomely-tasty looking cupcakes for him! Aren't they fantastic? I wouldn't want to eat them! ;) Rick's birthday video is on the way, so it'll either be posted later tonight or tomorrow. So while you wait, enjoy looking at these cupcakes! :)

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Lifehouse Graphics!

Posted by Molly on Sunday, September 19, 2010, In : Fan Art 
Hey everyone! Lately I've been on a GIMP kick. GIMP is a graphic making tool, for those who don't know. So here are two of my creations. The first one is obviously Jason Wade and the second one is with Bryce Soderberg. I also made a logo for Rick's birthday, but you'll have to wait to see his birthday video on Monday to see it! :)

If you have any suggestions or ideas for a graphic you might like me to try, feel free to leave a comment! Remember, you can always send yours in too! :)

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Second Place Cake Contest Winner!

Posted by Molly on Sunday, September 12, 2010, In : Contests 
After an interesting voting process that took two sessions, Lifehouse: Behind the Video Blogs has the Second place winner of the cake contest! Below is Skrappy's Gary The Sloth cake! Not only does it look adorable, it looks absolutely delicious! But then again, I'd feel kind of guilty eating Jason's pet sloth...wouldn't you? Haha :) Congrats Skrappy! Both her and Breann, the cake contest's first place winner are now in the Lifehouse: Behind the Video Blogs' 100th comic! Great job girls! You c...
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Cake Contest Winner!

Posted by Molly on Tuesday, September 7, 2010, In : Contests 
The votes are in and the first Lifehouse: Behind the Video Blogs contest is over and we have a winner! Congratulations to Breann for winning and making such a FANTASTIC cake! It's definitely one of the coolest Lifehouse creations I've ever seen!  Here is Breann's description of what the cake means: 
"This represents Lifehouse (as the wrecking ball) breaking through someone's "wall" with their music. The bricks that are falling away have words written on them that describe what a person might h...

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