The votes are in and the first Lifehouse: Behind the Video Blogs contest is over and we have a winner! Congratulations to Breann for winning and making such a FANTASTIC cake! It's definitely one of the coolest Lifehouse creations I've ever seen!  Here is Breann's description of what the cake means: 
"This represents Lifehouse (as the wrecking ball) breaking through someone's "wall" with their music. The bricks that are falling away have words written on them that describe what a person might have been feeling before Lifehouse made them more...themselves. They break through this wall, revealing the sky and sun on the other side. They aren't in the darkness or shadow of the wall anymore. :-)"

 There will also be a second place winner, so entries are still being collected! Come on, you know you want to ;) Click here to go to there Lifehouse: Behind the Video Blogs Contest page.