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"Everything" Song Parody

Posted by Molly on Wednesday, July 28, 2010, In : Song Parody 

This is a song parody by Christy, though some people know her as Skrappy. This one was her first parody (she's done many and is very good at it!) and it is about...what else? A bagel. Now before you start scratching your head and looking confused, let me give you the back story on this one. This whole ordeal came about on Lifehouse's Official Boards were someone said, "You know you're obsessed with Lifehouse when you see an Everything Bagel and think of the song "Everything" by Lifehouse." Go...

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Posted by Molly on Monday, July 26, 2010, In : Song Parody 
This is a song parody made by Sylvia. It is to the tune of "Broken," but this is called "Asleep." Do we have some Bryce Soderberg inspiration here? You be the judge!

The broken clock is a comfort.  It lets me sleep today.
Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow, when it isn't cold and gray.
And I am here still sleeping through my clock alarm.
It is damaged at best, 'cause I pounded it to harm.

I'm falling asleep, I'm barely waking
From a sleep so deep, I'm not shaking,
And the beep is not breaking.
Not a peep...

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"The Bloke"

Posted by Molly on Sunday, July 25, 2010, In : Song Parody 
This is a song parody of "The Joke" called "The Bloke." Obviously it's a tribute to Ben Carey. I thought this concept would be PERFECT but I was having some trouble coming up with the lyrics. So my girl Skrappy decided to help me out! So I can't take all the credit with this one, because she helped a lot! Thanks, girl!

The Bloke

When you hear him in the morning
On the tour bus snoring
The Bloke is so cool 
He says that he's Austrailian
And he is one in a million
The Bloke is so cool

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