Hey there everyone! This is an exciting day, you know why? Because EPISODE ONE of the brand new, one and only Lifehouse podcast is here!!! Head over to the podcast page and click on the play button on the Mp3. You can also download it by clicking the words First Time, which will take you to MediaFire. So head over there and take a gander at the first EVER "Spin" episode!! I'm so excited, I hope you are too! I know you're going to love it! Come back here and leave a comment about it, or just leave a comment on the Podcast page :D 
Again, I'd just like to thank Bridget for coming up with this fantastic idea and coming to me to host it on here. Lifehouse is an amazing band with wonderful guys that really deserve this. I'd also like to thank Sylvia, Skrappy, Cori, and Cindy for participating in all of this as well. They had to learn about some technical things and had a few difficulties, but nothing they couldn't fix! Great job EVERYONE!