Yep, there's another contest you need to hear about. This one is brought to you by the Everything Lifehouse Community! But first you need to be a member of the ELH Forum. To join, click here - ELH Forum. So put on your thinking caps and check this out:

Contest Description
With this contest, you are to create a type of logo design for The logo can include anything, such as, pictures, fonts, textures, etc. You may create a simple logo with text-only, or a logo with pictures, etc. You may design the logo with a computer graphics program, take a picture of a logo you created by hand, scan a logo you created by hand, etc. Let your imagination flow!

Logo Requirements
1. Your logo must include the words "Everything Lifehouse".
2. Your logo can be any size.
3. Your logo must be created by you!
4. You may enter up to three different logos!
5. You must have at least 5 posts in the ELH Community before entering!

How to Enter
1. You must post your logo in the Contest thread. You can't e-mail the logo because it gets too confusing that way.
2. Reply to the thread with the following information to enter the contest:
- Your Name:
- Your Website (If you have One):
- URL to your Logo:

- Becky will choose the 3 best logos after the contest is over.
- Forum members will vote for their favorite logo to determine the actual winning logo.
- The winner's logo will be featured on Everything Lifehouse's next layout with credit to you for making the logo!

Other Information
- All logos must be submitted by August 28th, 2010.
- If you have any questions, please message Becky on the forums.
- Good luck!