Hey Lifehouse fans! Today is such an exciting day for fans AND the band, because their new album, Almeria, is finally out! This album is fantastic, so you better go out and buy it! 
If I had to choose my top four off the album (the deluxe), I'd have to say they are
  1.   Pins And Needles
  2. Only You're The One
  3. Aftermath
  4. Where I Come From  
 Leave a comment and tell me your favorites or tweet your answer to @Fool4Lifehouse :)

Also a reminder to you Spin Cast listeners, they are having a listener challenge for you all. Here's the rules:

Record your reactions/opinions after you have listened to Almeria for the first time and we’ll play it on an upcoming episode. It has to be no longer than two minutes. If you don’t have a microphone that is fine usually computers have a built microphone. You can record your voice using the program ‘Sound Recorder’ which is on windows (not sure about Mac) or download the free program ‘Audacity’ from the internet. Make sure the file format is either a WMA or MP3. Send in your recording via email to foolforlifehouse@yahoo.com-

Lastly, in honor of Almeria, I've created a couple new lyric graphics. I was feeling a little artsy today :) Enjoy!