So I was bored one night and decided I'd clean out documents on my computer and organize things a little bit, when I came across this story I think I wrote for one of LifehouseBVB's contests, about when Jason was briefly on twitter. 
Enjoy ;)

 Jasonless Twitter

The Back-Story

September 15th was a memorable day for Lifehouse fans all around the world. What could be so monumental you ask? New tour dates? A brand new #1 single? No, this was something even better. The last guy in California to own a beeper, known as Jason Wade, posted this on Twitter:

“Hey this is Jason trying out twitter... gonna be tweeting for the tour..”

And boy, he wasn’t kidding! Fans all over were getting a kick out of this guy’s tweets. We never knew the guy who wrote such meaningful songs could be such a dork ;) He not only tweeted about the tour, but about hotel rooms, Chuck Norris, and….the Shake Weight of all things!

"Chuck Norris doesn't have kids but he's still your daddy... that came to me in a dream last night.. oh yeah.. that just happened!” Jay

“Just saw someone in the gym working with a not not ok.” Jay

Jason is obviously very, very disturbed by the Shake Weight, as any human being should be. But keep in mind, Chuck Norris is not human…

“Did I mention the shakeweighter was a chuck norris doppelganger....oh sooooo disappointing.....”Jay

After a while of tweeting, Jason seemed to have “disappeared” from the scene. Lifehouse fans were left wanting more, but got no word as to what happened to Jason’s tweets.

            This…is where the real story begins.


The Real Story

The guys had just arrived in Atlanta about an hour ago. They’re sitting in Bryce’s hotel room. Ben and Rick are playing an old Mario game, Jason’s tweeting on his new phone to fans, and Bryce had just walked in after exploring the hotel they’re staying at.

            “Yo dudes, I just found the gym. Who wants to come?” asked Bryce.

            “Yeah, sure, I’ll go. Let me sign off Twitter…” said Jason.

            And that was last time anyone heard from Jason on Twitter. Jason and Bryce walked down to the hotel gym. They spotted an opening by the weights, so they headed over there. When they rounded the corner, Jason spotted the Chuck Norris lookalike Shake-Weighter. He took his phone out and was about to tweet it to the world when all of a sudden someone yanked his phone out of his hands. When Jason looked up, he could not hide his surprise. It turns out the Shake-Weighter really was Chuck Norris! Jason looks up at the man towering over him, who is clearly even taller than Bryce, but can’t seem to find any words.

            “Hello, Jason Wade,” says Chuck as he looks down at Jason’s phone. “I hear you’ve been…`mocking’ the Shake Weight?”

            “Well…I…uh…” Jason couldn’t muster much more than that.

            “And you said that a guy being my lookalike doing the Shake Weight was `disappointing’?” said Chuck, clearly getting a bit more angry.

            “Well, you see sir, I’m just a bit disturbed by-“ Jason couldn’t finish before Chuck interjected. “Disturbed? Well guess what? That wasn’t a lookalike. It was ME!”

            Bryce and Jason’s jaws both dropped to the floor. Chuck couldn’t help but chuckle at their faces.

            “I thought you liked me, Jason? You even named you Chucks after me. I’m a bit hurt to be honest,” said Chuck, putting his hand on his heart. “So I’ll give you a choice. Either you tell everyone how fantastic the Shake Weight is and I’ll give you your phone back, or you’ll never see this baby again.”

            “Just do it, Jay. It’s not worth it,” said Bryce.

            “But I…I just can’t! It’s too weird!” said Jason, crying into his hands.

            “Well then say goodbye to your phone, Jason Wade!” And with that, Chuck Norris puts the phone is his pocket and starts to walk away.


Will Jason agree to get his phone back? Until he tweets again, I guess we’ll never know…