That's right Lifehouse fans! There's a Lifehouse Cake Contest going on for Lifehouse: Behind The Video Blogs, and there's only 17 days left! Here's what you do:

"The idea is for you to produce a cake that has something to do with Lifehouse, take a couple of pictures of it, and send in your photos. Now, don't worry, the rules of this contest are very relaxed. You don't have to bake the cake yourself – you can buy a blank cake and decorate it, or do whatever you want. All you have to do is have the cake, take at least 2 photos from different angles and send them to Please, have fun with this, and use your strengths to your advantage – you can make it artistic, funny, clever, touching – whatever you can do with a cake. The sky is the limit. The entries will be judged by public voting. All entries are due by August 25th at midnight. This is a rigid deadline, so get your entries in early to avoid complications."

So? What are you waiting for? Put on an apron and get baking! Be SUPER creative with these and have fun with it! You never know, you might even win! Head over to Lifehouse: Behind the Video Blogs to learn more: