Happy Birthday Jason Wade!

July 5, 2011

Today is Jason Wade's birthday! And what a great day it has been already :) We've found out that the MOC fundraiser has raised a total of $1,400!! We're not done yet though! If you have not donated yet, you still can. AND DON'T FORGET: the person who donates the most money will win the Lifehouse figurines made by Sylvia! :D 
Jason, if you see this (yeah right :P), I hope you have an incredible birthday and I hope you love all the things the fans have done for you this year for your birthday :) Here's another little lyric graphic I made:


Side note: I've added many more pictures to the small photo gallery, so go check them out! 


June 21, 2011

Some awesome Lifehouse fans came up with a really cool idea to help raise money for the charity Musicians On Call in honor of Jason Wade’s upcoming birthday (July 5th)! This is an awesome idea, and totally different from any other fan projects the Lifehouse community has made happen!

To be a part of this wonderful present for Jason, join this Facebook group: Lifehouse Jason Wade Charity Drive!

Head over to the Musicians On Call page to donate. Leave your name and a message for Jason in the gu...
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Fan Made Jason Wade Portrait

June 7, 2011
Hello there! Sorry it's sort of been a while since I've done much of anything with the site. However, I do have something for you today! Rianca tweeted this AMAZING picture to Lifehouse on Twitter and got them to recognize it. Isn't it spectacular?! I'm sure Jason loved it! Wonderful job, Rianca, you're SUPER talented! :D

Also, I added a miniature photo gallery in the Pictures and Video Gallery page. Go check it out! And DON'T FORGET! You can always send in your Lifehouse creations to be shown...
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New Graphic

April 5, 2011
I just made this yesterday. First one I made in a while and my very first graphic with Rick! Hope you enjoy :)

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Podcast Episode 3 Is Up!

March 22, 2011
Hey there Lifehouse fans! GREAT news! I've just posted on the Podcast page episode 3 of The Spincast, called Revolutions :) It's a really great episode that will have you laughing out loud! It's also really informational and will make you think about some things as well :) So go check it out! Head over to the Podcast page. You can click on the first hyper-link that will take you to YourListen.com where I uploaded the podcast to. You can also download the episode as well by clicking the second...
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We're Back!

March 5, 2011
Hello Fool For Lifehouse-ers! After a long hiatus, the site is back! My computer has been fixed (and lets hope it stays fixed!) and I (finally!) updated the layout! As you can see, it's a little more spring-like for the Spring season approaching, So how do you like it? 

- Also, we should have the third episode of The Spin coming fairly soon. I don't know exactly when. That's to be determined. 

- Does anyone have any new poll ideas? Leave them in the comments or send me an email if you do :)

- Do...

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Podcast Episode Two Is Up!

December 21, 2010
Hello there! Man, I am SO sorry for the major lack of, well, really anything in the past month. My computer stopped working again, which also means I lost everything saved on there and... it was quite depressing. :P Right now I'm using my sister's as she is home one break which is nice, so I can FINALLY bring you the awesome news that --------- The brand new episode of the Lifehouse podcast The Spin is up! Not only was I having computer issues, it basically seemed like all technology whatsoev...
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New Fan Art

December 7, 2010
Wow this is something I thought was totally cool! Sylvia made these "Lifehouse Blobs" made out of modeling clay! How cool?! Aren't they so cute? Nice job, Sylvia! You're always so creative :) Check out her "Lifehouse Blobs" below - 


Also, in podcast news, they will hopefully be recording this week if all goes well. So we will have pod episode #2 pretty soon! :D 

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Brand New Layout!

December 1, 2010
Hey there guys! You've probably noticed the brand new layout we've got going on here. I thought it was time for a little change. Since it is officially December, I thought it would be appropriate to make the new layout festive and Christmas-like! What do you think? I think it's definitely a nice, bright change :D I even made all of the Fool For Lifehouse headers myself, as I usually do. :) Hope you enjoy the new look! 
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Some New Graphics and An Announcement

November 22, 2010
Hello everyone! I just wanted to help spread the word that we are now starting to put together a fan appreciation birthday video for Ben's birthday on January 10th. We would love to get as much participation from Lifehouse fans as possible to make it really cool for Ben. If you'd like to participate, you should send the following to lhbdays@gmail.com. Two awesome fans, Emily and Skrappy, are putting this together. :)

Subject: Ben's Birthday Video Submission

Your Name
Your Country or State (if US...

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Tumblr Posts 

The Spin Cast

This blog is about the podcast The Spin created by Lifehouse fans. We chat and discuss different things about our favorite band, Lifehouse. Check out www.foolforlifehouse.yolasite.com for more!

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<p><a class="tumblr_blog" href="http://lifehouselyrics.tumblr.com/post/43964472732/out-of-breath" target="_blank">lifehouselyrics</a>:</p>
<p><em>Out of Breath</em></p>


Out of Breath

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