Hello everyone! I just wanted to help spread the word that we are now starting to put together a fan appreciation birthday video for Ben's birthday on January 10th. We would love to get as much participation from Lifehouse fans as possible to make it really cool for Ben. If you'd like to participate, you should send the following to lhbdays@gmail.com. Two awesome fans, Emily and Skrappy, are putting this together. :)

Subject: Ben's Birthday Video Submission

Your Name
Your Country or State (if US)
Your Message/Graphic/Picture Etc.

You can make graphics or simply send a message. The holidays are approaching fast and I know everyone will be super busy, so try to get your submissions in early if possible. :)

 Emily and Skrappy are willing to help people with putting together messages and pictures into graphics if they have time to do so, and so am I. Please feel free to ask any question or give us any ideas for the video. And certainly help us spread the word!

Now here are some graphics that I've made recently....