Hey guys! Just wanted to give you a couple little updates and things to take a look at.

First, it is December (already?!) and that means that Room Of Plastic Flowers is doing the annual Christmas advent calendar! It's so fun and such a cool idea! So check the site every day to see that day's picture :)

Second, this is a cool new site that is getting things started up - Lifehouse Puppets. They're creating their very own Lifehouse puppets! How cool and creative is that?! :) So check it out to see what they are all about.

Third, (and not Lifehouse related) is just a little boost. A cool fan, Emily, has set up the chance for fans of the band Safety Suit - who are close with Lifehouse - to give back. Remember how the Lifehouse community donated to Musicians On Call for Jason's birthday this year? Well, Safety Suit fans are doing the same thing for them! So this Christmas, give back a little to those less fortunate, even if it's just $1. Head to SafetySuit Nation to learn how to donate :)