Welcome everyone to my brand new Lifehouse fansite and thank for stopping by! I've known for a while that I wanted a website to call my own, but never quite knew what I wanted it to be. I was talking on Twitter about this and someone told me to make one about Lifehouse. I said well, since they are my favorite band, why not? This isn't your regular fansite, however. There's not going to be regular posts of the latest news (though if want that, they will be posted in the "News" forum). What I'm running here is a chance for creativity to be seen. In the past few weeks I have seen so much creativity and special things having to do with this band, and even some has been pouring out of me! So many people have talent, and if you want, that talent could be shown right here on Fool For Lifehouse! If you are interested (I am VERY interested) in having your art work, songs, or anything else relating to Lifehouse on this website, please visit the About and Contact page. :) Thanks again for visiting Fool For Lifehouse and come back soon for more Blogs!