Hi, my name is Molly! This is a fun Lifehouse fansite that I wanted to do because Lifehouse is my favorite band. On here you will see various types of what I call "Lifehouse Creativity" in the Blogs section. This could be ANYTHING such as songs for Lifehouse, art work, poems, song parodies, whatever! Some days I may just blog to give you a little update or I may even put some of YOUR creativity on here! If you have art work, poems, songs, anything to do with Lifehouse, I'd love for you to send it me so I can feature it on here! There is a lot of unrecognized talent out there, and I want to give that talent a chance, which is why this site was created.

This site is also the host of the one and only Lifehouse podcast (that we know of)! Since this is a Lifehouse-creativity site, I was not going to turn down this awesome opportunity to host this creative podcast on my site! This idea was brought up to me by Bridget a little while after I started this website. Bridget, an Australian Lifehouse fan, will be the host of "The Spin," which is the name of the podcast. Many fans have co-hosted on the podcast, so if you're interested, don't hesitate to ask! "The Spin" has news about the band, games, discussions, and much more. I will putting the episodes on the podcast page, the most recent one being the first one on the page. Underneath each of the podcast episodes will be the episode notes. You can read those to see what's happening in each episode. Don't forget to follow @thespincast for updates! I'll also have blog updates as well. 

To get in contact with me to send anything, ask me a question, or if you have some Spin Cast feedback, email me at foolforlifehouse@yahoo.com. There is a Twitter account for this site as well - @Fool4Lifehouse. I am also on Twitter personally, so you can follow me at @Molly_Monarch:)

Thanks for stopping by!


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