Happy Almeria Release Day!

December 11, 2012
Hey Lifehouse fans! Today is such an exciting day for fans AND the band, because their new album, Almeria, is finally out! This album is fantastic, so you better go out and buy it! 
If I had to choose my top four off the album (the deluxe), I'd have to say they are
  1.   Pins And Needles
  2. Only You're The One
  3. Aftermath
  4. Where I Come From  
 Leave a comment and tell me your favorites or tweet your answer to @Fool4Lifehouse :)

Also a reminder to you Spin Cast listeners, they are having a listener challenge for you all. Here's the rules:

Record your reactions/opinions after you have listened to Almeria for the first time and we’ll play it on an upcoming episode. It has to be no longer than two minutes. If you don’t have a microphone that is fine usually computers have a built microphone. You can record your voice using the program ‘Sound Recorder’ which is on windows (not sure about Mac) or download the free program ‘Audacity’ from the internet. Make sure the file format is either a WMA or MP3. Send in your recording via email to foolforlifehouse@yahoo.com-

Lastly, in honor of Almeria, I've created a couple new lyric graphics. I was feeling a little artsy today :) Enjoy!



BTR Pumpkin Carving

October 25, 2012
What's up everyone, I have something very cool for you today! Tina, on twitter, posted this awesome picture of her "Between the Raindrops" pumpkin carving! Just in time to get in the Halloween mood! 

 Thanks, Tina, looks great!

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LaughHouse Captions/Comics

October 23, 2012
Hey guys! I have two pretty hilarious things for you to check out. The first one below is something that dates back to when LifehouseNation was still around, and there was a thread created by Christy called LaughHouse Captions. Christy has kept up with these pieces of gold, even after LifehouseNation's demise. Click the link next to the picture, where it will direct you to the LaughHouse Captions Facebook. Also, follow them on Twitter.


  Secondly, Sylvia, the creator ...

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Jasonless Twitter

October 21, 2012
So I was bored one night and decided I'd clean out documents on my computer and organize things a little bit, when I came across this story I think I wrote for one of LifehouseBVB's contests, about when Jason was briefly on twitter. 
Enjoy ;)

 Jasonless Twitter

The Back-Story

September 15th was a memorable day for Lifehouse fans all around the world. What could be so monumental you ask? New tour dates? A brand new #1 single? No, this was something even better. The last guy in California to own ...

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By Your Side Fundraiser

June 27, 2012
We all know how moving Lifehouse songs are, and how they have helped (and maybe even saved lives) people throughout the years. Just like last year's Musicians On Call fundraiser, Lifehouse fans are giving back to another great cause this year: the Kelsey Wynne Harris Foundation. Read more about this foundation here

Please click here to go to the By Your Side Fundraiser page.

Please also follow this cause on Twitter (@LHFundraiser) and head over to their Facebook


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Happy Birthday Bryce!

April 10, 2012
Happy Bryce Day everyone! And remember, always look on the Bryce-side of life! ;) 

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New Spin Cast episode + Happy Birthday Ben!

January 10, 2012
Hey guys! After having it sit in my email for about a week, I've finally had the time to post the newest episode of The Spin. So head over to the Podcast page and download this episode. Unfortunately I was unable to post it to YourListen.com so you can listen without having to download if you didn't want to. So you'll have to download it if you want to listen. If, for some reason, media fire doesn't work, please email me at foolforlifehouse@yahoo.com :)
Hope you enjoy this episode!

On another n...
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Happy Holidays!

December 4, 2011
Just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays, whatever it is that you celebrate this month :) 

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Things To Check Out

December 3, 2011
Hey guys! Just wanted to give you a couple little updates and things to take a look at.

First, it is December (already?!) and that means that Room Of Plastic Flowers is doing the annual Christmas advent calendar! It's so fun and such a cool idea! So check the site every day to see that day's picture :)

Second, this is a cool new site that is getting things started up - Lifehouse Puppets. They're creating their very own Lifehouse puppets! How cool and creative is that?! :) So check it out to see...

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Episode 5 of The Spin Is Here!

August 9, 2011
Hey everyone! Good news... The fifth episode of the one and only Lifehouse podcast, The Spin, is here! This is a really great episode that goes over a lot of really interesting and fun things and I think you're going to love it. :) So head over to the Podcast page and take a listen! You can leave a comment or and email and tell us what you think.

More good news; episode 6 should be released sometime next week! Hope you're looking forward to that. :) 
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Tumblr Posts 

The Spin Cast

This blog is about the podcast The Spin created by Lifehouse fans. We chat and discuss different things about our favorite band, Lifehouse. Check out www.foolforlifehouse.yolasite.com for more!

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<p><em>Out of Breath</em></p>


Out of Breath

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