Official Lifehouse Links 

Special Fool For Lifehouse Links 

Other Fan Sites

  • Lifehouse FranceIf you speak French, this is another great site!
  • Lifehouse Brazil - If you're a Brazilian fan, this is the site for you!
  • Room of Plastic FlowersGreat Lifehouse media and graphics
  • Lifehouse Comics - Created by Sylvia, this is "Lifehouse: Behind The Video Blogs." Funny and creative comics all about Lifehouse!
  • Kristin DiSanti's Tumblr - Lifehouse fan blog
  • Lifehouse Revolution Cry - Here you can find news, art, and even Lifehouse downloads such as B-sides, acoustics, interviews, and more!
  • Lifehouse Brasil - Here is another awesome Brazilian fansite. Very new, clean, and fresh.
  • Lifehouse Puppets - Check out this cute and creative idea! Get your very own Lifehouse puppet!



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