Picture and Video Gallery

Jason Wade: Lifehouse's lead singer, guitarist, and original member.

Nickname: MicroWade (He blew up a microwave on the tour bus)

Age: 32

Birthday: July 5, 1980

Ben Carey: Lifehouse's guitarist. Ben is from Australia, mate!

Nickname: The Bloke

Age: 37

Birthday: January 10, 1975

Lifehouse - "Between the Raindrops"

Bryce Soderberg: Lifehouse's bass player and back up                         vocalist. Born in British Columbia.

Nickname(s): Sodey, Sleepy McSleeps, B-Rice....

Age: 32

Birthday: April 10, 1980

Fun Fact: Before Bryce was in the band, he had to learn                             "Hanging By A Moment" in music School

Rick Woolstenhulme: Lifehouse's crazy drummer.

Nickname: Little Red (because he's short and his hair is originally red)

Age: 33

Birthday: September 20, 1979


Mini Photo Gallery of the guys. Click for larger picture. 


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